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Buying a Home with Bad Credit

Buying a Home with
Bad Credit in Canada


buy house with bad Credit in CanadaIf you have bad credit, or no credit, most banks and lenders will not grant you a mortgage. 


So how do you realize your dreams of home ownership?


Sandstone Management helps you get into the house you want right now – while you build or repair your credit. 


Even without a large down payment, you can move into the house of your choosing (once it passes our inspections for sound investments). 


You make your affordable monthly lease payments every month – on time. A portion of your monthly payment goes towards equity - helping you to build up your down payment. 


Once your lease term is up, we help you secure a mortgage to buy the home at the agreed upon price.  You benefit from any increases in the real estate market, including any upgrades you have made to the home. 


Our ‘homeowner in training’ program makes it easy to build equity and financial security while your family enjoys life in your dream home. Lease to own home works for single family homes, bungalows, town homes and condos.


Don't wait for home prices to climb further! Call Sandstone Management today!


Bad Credit Mortgages

Our lease to own program can help you realize your dream of home ownership. 


While you are building or repairing your credit by paying your lease, we work with you to repair other areas of your credit report. 


Our mortgage experts help people with bad credit get mortgages, and help them learn to manage credit and improve their credit scores. The better your credit score – the better the mortgage rate and terms you will qualify for.  


Since our mortgage experts deal with hundreds of lenders and products, we can find a mortgage that best suits your needs.    


Our training program is part of our commitment to helping you become a home owner. We work with you to find housing solutions and start you on the road to financial security through home ownership. 



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Rent to own home in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick Canada

Our daughter loves her new backyard....

Thank you Elizabeth (of Sandstone Management) – we are so grateful to have been introduced to you.  The house is great – WE LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!!  Owning our own home means a lot to us.  Our daughter loves her new backyard and freedom.” 

Michelle and Nathan