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Rent to Own Real Estate Canada

Rent to Own Homes

Is your credit less than perfect?  Then rent-to-own homes may be perfect for you. 


Rent to own Canada Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEISandstone Management offers rent to own homes in select markets in Ontario, the Praries and British Columbia.

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You can usually qualify even if -your credit is bruised; -you are self-employed or - have declared bankruptcy.  Our team will help you build a bridge to get from your current financial situation into owning your own home.


Your up-front costs with rent-to-own are very small compared to the value of the property.   Since your monthly payments are fixed for the entire term of your agreement, you will be able to budget and plan more easily.  You can even add to your down payment through your own savings. A portion of your monthly payment is going towards equity, to help you accumulate a bigger down payment.


Our mortgage experts help you secure a mortgage when it comes time to exercise your option to buy.   They can also help you improve your credit score over the lease period, so you may qualify for the best rates. 


Our mortgage lenders deal with hundreds of lenders and products, and can use your lease payment history to help you secure a similar monthly payment for your mortgage.


Get started on the road to financial security and home ownership. Work with an ethical company that can help you every step of the way. Call Sandstone Management today!


Option to Buy Homes

Owning a home is often the primary way Canadians build wealth and a secure future. 


Whether you are looking to move into a duplex, townhome or single family house, Sandstone Management can help you achieve your dreams of home ownership.  We get you in your home faster, so you can already start building equity before you buy. 


Why wait for prices to continue to climb?  A large down payment is not required for option to buy homes in Canada.  You can live in your dream home while you build equity for your down payment.  The future purchase price is locked-in, and you can benefit from any property appreciation when you exercise your option to buy the home.


Why not enjoy your dream home now? You can move in, decorate and even make upgrades - knowing that your time and work will help increase the value of the home. Since the home price is pre-determined, you keep all gains in the value of the home over the leasing time period.


Rent to Own Real Estate


Let us show you how you can buy a house in Canada even with bad credit.

Rent to Own Real Estate

Become a homeowner in training!  We work with you every step of the way to find and secure your home.  You can choose the home you love best.  Our team of experts helps ensure your home is sound and a worthwhile investment.  We are your safety net when you are ready to make the leap into home ownership  You have control and possession of your home from the day you move in.

Rent to own real estate works for residential homes, as well as income earning properties.  Many of our clients choose duplexes for rent to own properties, since they can use the income from their tenants to pay off their mortgage faster, or to reduce their own monthly payments.  The experts at Sandstone Management can show how easy it is to own your own home.