*Take advantage of our free added services, like credit education. We can work with you to help build or repair your credit.

Sandstone Management - Tenants

Lease Homes That Offer Rewards!

Sandstone Management values good tenants.  That is why we offer our unique Tenant Loyalty Program.  After as little as one year, you can pick awards that include upgrades, décor items or even cleaning services.  If you are going to lease a home – why not one that offers rewards!


Sandstone properties are pre-qualified for sound structure, good layouts and preferred locations.  Our team of engineers and service staff inspect, repair and upgrade all properties before they go on the market – so you know you are moving into a quality home. 


We stand behind our properties too – with our exclusive tenant management system – offering tenants 24/7 access to our computerized response system.  You will love the difference professional property management makes.


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Rental Management

Enjoy living in a home with professional rental management.  We offer Guaranteed Response Times with our repair/maintenance guarantee which ensures a timely response to your requests. 


Feel secure with our 24/7 emergency service – for urgent response to emergencies in your home.

Sandstone Management even makes your monthly payments a breeze with our pre-authorized payment plan. 



Equity Ownership

equity ownership home CanadaDream of owning your own home?  We make it easy with our ‘Homeowners in Training’ program.  Even if you are a first time buyer, have no credit or bad credit, or are self-employed, we can help you become a home owner.  Don’t wait until you have saved the 20-25% down payment required by the banks.  Let Sandstone Management show you how you can choose and move into your dream home now, before house prices climb further.


We Make It Easy!

First, our team of experts ensures that the home you choose is sound. Then we negotiate the price based on our market expertise.  There is less risk on your part since you have a team of real estate experts guiding you through the steps of equity ownership. 


Lease payments are customized to match your budget. By paying your rent on time, we can help you build good credit.


Once the rent-to-own period is up, we help you secure a mortgage. The purchase price for the home is set before you move in. This means you can also benefit from rises in house prices that occur over your rental period. 


With so much to gain – what are you waiting for?  Call Sandstone Management to find out how easily you can become a homeowner and start building equity and wealth!